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Elastic Search

I was reading about logstash( ), a tool to mine raw logs and make data useful. I got attracted to the elastic search module it incorporates. Elastic search( ) helps in indexing documents and thereby increase the performance of text searches. When you pass a document to elastic search, elastic search indexes the document and creates an inverted index. Inverted index is like an index at the back of the book. The terms are mapped to the documents they belong to. So text searching becomes easier. I had a quick read through elastic search and tried a little bit of hands-on to use elastic search and create an autocomplete system. Elastic Search allows you to create an index which is similar to a database, an index can have types which is similar to tables and each type has mapping similar to schema. Elastic search has a set of tokenizers and analyzers for text processing which it inherits from Lucene project. Elastic search helps to scal