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Rootconf 2014 Review

Bad points to start with Rootconf 2014 was filled with topics about docker. The speech selectors should have reduced the talks about docker as most of them are very much redundant Then came the highlight of all, most of the talks compared their feature on traditional virtual machines, docker and lxc. For God's sake docker and lxc are the same technology with docker being a wrapper around lxc. Docker allows remote creation of containers. I personally like aufs rootfs of docker. Docker differs from lxc by principles. Docker's Philosophy is isolation of processes as separate containers. So based on use case select any one of them. If a system runs docker it can run lxc and they aren't entirely different technologies. Good take away points are Infrastructure code has to be tested. The talk was about test-kitchen for chef. On further exploring puppet land has beaker ( ) which allows us to test puppet code During a talk about